Mama said knock you out! AKA The World is on Fire!


Now that Monday Night Football is over the embargo has been lifted and 2Guys1Mic are ready for takeoff!

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We decided to ditch The Bridge for now and focus on more pressing matters. In case you hadn’t noticed the world is aflame: ebola, invading immigrant children (hmm never mind that; fell out of fashion), ISIS or ISIL, climate change, and oh yeah, the NFL is going through a bit of a transition.

Can you guess which we spent the most time discussing? The NFL of course! 2Guys1Mic are as American as apple pie so we decided to tackle head on the difficult questions facing the League. However, we’re aware that the way is fraught with land mines. Just look at our colleague from ESPN Bill Simmons. He got a 3 week “vacation” for calling out Roger Goodell. Then you have Steven A. Smith who was given a 1 week vacation for victim blaming in domestic abuse cases. We try and reconcile the logic for you. Hint: It was difficult. In fact, we’re not sure we succeeded.

Whether it’s the brown guy’s very genuine existential crisis as to why he, like many others, was not appropriately moved after watching the initial Ray Rice elevator video, to his completely disproportionate rage at the ISIS/ISIL acronym interchangeability, to the black guy’s insightful and thought provoking analysis of domestic violence and athletes, 2Guys1Mic find ourselves in good form doing what we do best: Just Freeballing it!

We ran a little long but are happy with the result: a brutally honest sucker punch that will knock you out. Prepare to be offended.

The Guaranteed Best BullShit Out There*tm

2Guys Predict the 66th Annual Emmy Awards with 99.99% Certainty; Again


The 66th Annual Emmy Awards won’t air till Monday night at 8pm Eastern, but 2Guys has you covered.

In the Best Guaranteed BullShit Out There*tm.

Listen here 2Guys Predict Emmy’s with 99.9% Certainty; Again as we make boldly wild predictions about shows, episodes, and actors we may have never watched. But here’s the rub. We’re never wrong even when we’re wrong. Why? See the above disclaimer!

Despite our lack of qualifications we’re still better than the Academy, The Hollywood Foreign Press, and whoever the hell is in charge of the Emmy’s. That’s because we’re just like you: we’re far too busy pursuing more fruitful pastimes to have watched the insane amount of television you would really need to make accurate predictions.

So sit back, pop open a bottle of champagne, and listen as 2Guys1mic give you all the winners of this year’s Emmy Awards so you can brag to all your friends while watching the telecast. Hell, make some bets on our sound predictions! It’ll take your fun to a whole new level.


2Guys1Mic Return To Their Old Haunt: The Bridge S2 E1-6

Bridge season 2 billboard

After a much deserved bout of laziness 2Guys are back and covering the Peabody Award winning show, FX’s The Bridge. We predicted accurately last summer that The Bridge, while uneven at times, was posed for good things heading into Season 2. And we were right. The critics have embraced The Bridge and so we’ve come back to apply our brand of Guaranteed Best BullShit Out There*tm to Season 2.

For those of you who missed The Bridge last year, now is the time to catch up. Season 1 is streaming for free so there’s no excuse not to.

Listen here as we cover episodes 3-6 in under an hour: 2Guys on the Bridge S2 E3-6. For those not on our mailing list that missed our recaps of Episodes 1-2, listen here: 2Guys on the Bridge S2 E1-2.

The themes remain the same: corruption, redemption, and revenge. The setting of El Paso and Juarez remain fertile places to dissect these themes and we begin to see the  dichotomy of a “good” character may not be much different than a “bad” one. Season 2 builds on this blurry line.

Add the CIA, the DEA, the local El Paso police department, the corrupt cops of Juarez and the continued exploration of the true motives of detectives Ruiz and Cross along with new villains, and Season 2 is surpassing Season 1 in overall quality.

2Guys1Mic are back and in fine form. It’s good to have that smell in the air, that pungent odor of the Guaranteed Best BullShit Out There*tm!

Game of Thrones: Two Guys Travel to Westeros



2Guys travel to Westeros to cover HBO’s Game of Thrones fourth Season, and in this installment we cover Episodes 1 and 2.

Spoiler Alert: Do not listen if you haven’t already seen Seasons 1-3 or the first two episodes of Season 4.

First a disclaimer: we do not get paid to endorse HBO shows. Yes we give them a lot of love but that’s because their overall quality is pretty consistantly amazing. That being said, HBO if you’re reading or listening we wouldn’t mind some swag…

Listen here 2Guys Travel to Westeros as we try our best to cover the multi-layered plot lines of Game of Thrones. There a lot of characters, plots, subplots, and themes in this show so it may take some time to understand it all. To demonstrate just how complex the show is, 2Guys both have read George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series but have forgotten much of the plot and twists and turns that occur.

Enjoy as we begin to cover one of the most acclaimed and controversial shows currently on the air!

As always our coverage is colored through the lens of the Best Guaranteed Best BullShit Out There*tm!


2Guys on Girls Season 3, The Finale



Better late than never! We apologize for waiting this long to give our final verdict on Season  3 of HBO’s Girls. Here it is: 2Guys on Girls S3E9-12.

We were just left speechless at the Season finale: Jessa finding herself in a Dr. Kevorkian style cliffhanger, Hannah likely off to Iowa and leaving Adam to fend for himself, Marnie once again playing the role of relationship destroyer and Shoshana shockingly begging for “Old man” Ray back.

We rate the Season as whole, discuss its place in regards to the first and second Seasons, and answer the question that HBO has already answered: Does Girls merit another Season? Apparently so, as HBO has renewed the show for not one but two more seasons.

We also feel the show deserves another crack at the apple, but were still disappointed at Jessa’s overall lack of character development, Marnie’s overall arrested development, and despite a brief break in character, Shoshana’s story arc left much to be desired.

Still, we enjoyed Hannah’s continued selfishness as she sabotages Adam’s first Broadway play right before he goes on stage as well as her complete self-sufficiency in getting accepted to Iowa’s MFA program. She did it all by her lonesome in the same way Adam’s character was able to recognize Hannah’s disastrous effect on his readiness for Broadway and his need for space.

As always, 2Guys render their final verdict with their trademark wit and as always it remains the Guaranteed BestBullshit Out There*tm!



2Guys on Girls Season 3, Part 2


Girls may be done for the season tomorrow, but 2Guys are playing catch up. Listen here 2 Guys on Girls S3E5-8 as we cover the middle batch of episodes.

From the surprising hookup of Marnie and “Old Man” Ray, to Shoshana’s turn as a “mean drunk”, to Hannah’s new job at GQit’s all here. 2Guys give their hilarious take on what these four episodes mean in the Girls universe, as well as making predictions as to what may occur during the last four episodes. And no, we did not “cheat” and watch ahead.


PS We’ll be back shortly to conclude our discussion of Girls third season as a whole. Was it the best season yet? What were our favorite moments of the season? Were our predictions accurate? Stay tuned as we conclude Girls next week!


2Guys Rant on Random Topics

Join 2guys talk their Guaranteed Bullshit Out There*tm on a random variety of subjects here: 2Guys Freeball TV, Music, and Film.

From what movies and TV shows we’ve watched recently to what music we’re currently listening to, it’s all here.

We also discuss the situation in Russia, the missing Malaysian jet and Snoop Dogg’s G Pen. Plus a couple of other random tidbits. It’s another freeball edition of 2guys1mic. We know you love it.

Also stay tuned for our second edition of Girls Season 3 podcast coming soon!

2Guys Post Oscar Analysis and Current Events



2Guys check back in on the Oscar’s to find we didn’t do too bad despite our trademark Guaranteed BestBull Shit Out There*tm. It seems we do indeed have the pulse of the movie industry as we accurately predicted the major awards including Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting actor and Supporting actress.

We also delve into some current events including the situation in the Ukraine, Daylight Savings Time, and the missing Malaysian jet.

Listen here: 2 Guys Oscar Debriefing and Current Event Freeball.

As always our commentary is filtered through our Best BullShit Out There*tm lens which means plenty of laughs for you.


2Guys Predict the 2014 Oscars with 99.99% Certainty



The producers of the Best Guaranteed Bullshit Out There*tm tackle the 2014 Oscars, airing  this Sunday March 2.

Despite having seen a sample size of less than 13% of the films, 2Guys are confident that they can deliver the goods. Listen here at the hilarity of 2Guys trying to muster some confidence to predicting even technical Oscars of which they know very little of: 2Guys on the Oscars 2014.

Have some fun and make your own predictions! Remember predicting the Academy is an art, not a science. There’s no rhyme or reason and often times you’re left shaking your head. Which is precisely why you need 2Guys thorough and wacky analysis of the whole endeavor as you make your predictions. Enjoy!


2Guys Remember Philip Seymour Hoffman

philip seymour hoffman

The world lost a tremendous beacon of the arts recently in Philip Seymour Hoffman and 2Guys pay their tribute here: 2Guys Tribute to PSH. He will be missed; chances are more likely than not that you have seen him in a number of diverse films, or if you were lucky, caught him in theater.

Listen as we also discuss the vice that took his life, including analysis into drug addiction, recovery and prevention. In light of all the bright stars we’ve lost to drugs, particularly opioids, we may dedicate a pod to just that topic in the near future.

Though a bit somber in mood, 2Guys still gives you the Guaranteed Best Bullshit Out There*tm, remembering the positive acclaim Mr. Hoffman received throughout his incredible career rather than focusing exclusively on his loss. The man was a work horse, both in film and theater, and his Oscar for Capote is only one of a number of accolades he accumulated throughout the years.

Because of this-his incredible amount of output-both 2Guys have films Mr. Hoffman starred in which they have not seen. We have made a vow to watch the films we missed and in doing so once again appreciate the genius that was Philip Seymour Hoffman.

We hope you choose to remember his passing in the same way: head over to, check out his filmography and sit back and enjoy the spectacle of one of the most talented actors of our generation.