2Guys on Girls Season 3, Part 2


Girls may be done for the season tomorrow, but 2Guys are playing catch up. Listen here 2 Guys on Girls S3E5-8 as we cover the middle batch of episodes.

From the surprising hookup of Marnie and “Old Man” Ray, to Shoshana’s turn as a “mean drunk”, to Hannah’s new job at GQit’s all here. 2Guys give their hilarious take on what these four episodes mean in the Girls universe, as well as making predictions as to what may occur during the last four episodes. And no, we did not “cheat” and watch ahead.


PS We’ll be back shortly to conclude our discussion of Girls third season as a whole. Was it the best season yet? What were our favorite moments of the season? Were our predictions accurate? Stay tuned as we conclude Girls next week!


2Guys Rant on Random Topics

Join 2guys talk their Guaranteed Bullshit Out There*tm on a random variety of subjects here: 2Guys Freeball TV, Music, and Film.

From what movies and TV shows we’ve watched recently to what music we’re currently listening to, it’s all here.

We also discuss the situation in Russia, the missing Malaysian jet and Snoop Dogg’s G Pen. Plus a couple of other random tidbits. It’s another freeball edition of 2guys1mic. We know you love it.

Also stay tuned for our second edition of Girls Season 3 podcast coming soon!

2Guys Post Oscar Analysis and Current Events



2Guys check back in on the Oscar’s to find we didn’t do too bad despite our trademark Guaranteed BestBull Shit Out There*tm. It seems we do indeed have the pulse of the movie industry as we accurately predicted the major awards including Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting actor and Supporting actress.

We also delve into some current events including the situation in the Ukraine, Daylight Savings Time, and the missing Malaysian jet.

Listen here: 2 Guys Oscar Debriefing and Current Event Freeball.

As always our commentary is filtered through our Best BullShit Out There*tm lens which means plenty of laughs for you.


2Guys Predict the 2014 Oscars with 99.99% Certainty



The producers of the Best Guaranteed Bullshit Out There*tm tackle the 2014 Oscars, airing  this Sunday March 2.

Despite having seen a sample size of less than 13% of the films, 2Guys are confident that they can deliver the goods. Listen here at the hilarity of 2Guys trying to muster some confidence to predicting even technical Oscars of which they know very little of: 2Guys on the Oscars 2014.

Have some fun and make your own predictions! Remember predicting the Academy is an art, not a science. There’s no rhyme or reason and often times you’re left shaking your head. Which is precisely why you need 2Guys thorough and wacky analysis of the whole endeavor as you make your predictions. Enjoy!


2Guys Remember Philip Seymour Hoffman

philip seymour hoffman

The world lost a tremendous beacon of the arts recently in Philip Seymour Hoffman and 2Guys pay their tribute here: 2Guys Tribute to PSH. He will be missed; chances are more likely than not that you have seen him in a number of diverse films, or if you were lucky, caught him in theater.

Listen as we also discuss the vice that took his life, including analysis into drug addiction, recovery and prevention. In light of all the bright stars we’ve lost to drugs, particularly opioids, we may dedicate a pod to just that topic in the near future.

Though a bit somber in mood, 2Guys still gives you the Guaranteed Best Bullshit Out There*tm, remembering the positive acclaim Mr. Hoffman received throughout his incredible career rather than focusing exclusively on his loss. The man was a work horse, both in film and theater, and his Oscar for Capote is only one of a number of accolades he accumulated throughout the years.

Because of this-his incredible amount of output-both 2Guys have films Mr. Hoffman starred in which they have not seen. We have made a vow to watch the films we missed and in doing so once again appreciate the genius that was Philip Seymour Hoffman.

We hope you choose to remember his passing in the same way: head over to IMDB.com, check out his filmography and sit back and enjoy the spectacle of one of the most talented actors of our generation.

2Guys on “Girls” Season 3, Ep. 1-4


The ultimate hipster comedy of our time returns for its third season. Lena Dunham and crew lighten up the mood, at least initially, after a bleak Season 2.

Listen here as 2Guys rant and rave about the new season: Guys on ‘Girls’ – Season 3 E1-4 Recap.

We discuss the nature of Adam and Hannah’s evolving relationship after last season’s cheesy season finale, catch up with Shoshana and her new sexual freedom, find Jessa stirring trouble in rehab, and Ray is well, just Ray. And then there’s Marnie; she’s still reeling from her breakup with Charlie and a music video they shot together isn’t making things any easier.

We cover 4 episodes in about an hour so you’re getting about 15 minutes of the Guaranteed Best Bullshit Out There*tm  per episode.

Other notable moments include what we call the “stand alone” episodes that take place outside the usual orbit of Manhattan and Brooklyn as Adam, Shosh, and Hannah travel to the furthest rehab facility possible to pick up Jessa. We meet Adam’s sister and then things get a bit dark again. We discover Hannah may be quite callous emotionally as she shows no empathy when her editor dies and she is once again consumed about what will happen to her book.

A merry stroll in a cemetery concludes Episode 4 and 2Guys are left wondering whether the rest of the season will be a stroll in the park or continue with a touch of the macabre.



2Guys on the 2014 Golden Globe Awards


We don’t know who exactly the Hollywood Foreign press is, but we do know that they allow booze for the stars making for a usually very entertaining affair.

It may be our favorite of all the award shows. It’s also mammoth in scale, including both film (which it splits between comedy and drama) and TV.

Listen here: 2 Guys on the 2014 Golden Globes as we make predictions on who will win the shiny statuettes .

Disclaimer: we have watched less than 15% of all the nominees. This has no impact on our award winning Guaranteed Best Bullshit Out There*tm. On the contrary, it helps us.

Have some fun trying to predict the winners then see how many you get right at this Sunday’s award show!


2Guys on Girls Season 2 Recap


We’re right back where we started. Guys on Girls. Right on the heels of the new year we return to cover Season 2 of HBO’s groundbreaking, quirky series, Girls.

2Guys give their hilarious observations of Girls right before the show kicks off it’s third season this Sunday January 12th.

Listen to the Best Guaranteed Bullshit Out There*tm as we riff on the second season of HBO’s Girls here: 2 Guys on ‘Girls’ – Season 2 Recap.


2Guys1Mic 2013 Wrap Up


Join 2Guys1mic as we say goodbye to 2013 in our latest podcast 2 Guys Say Au Revoir to 2013.

The last podcast of the year finds 2guys discussing our favorite music, films, TV shows, quotes, entertainment stories, current events, and sport highlights of 2013—you name it, we talked about it.

Listen as we bullshit our way out of 2013 and into 2014. And remember our bullshit comes with a lifetime guarantee as the best bullshit out there*tm.

Happy New Years listeners! Thank you for your continued support!


2Guys: The Holiday Edition



Listen to our latest podcast, a special fireplace edition of the Guaranteed Best Bullshit Out There*tm here: 2 Guys Holiday Spirit Edition.

We’ve been naughty and nice so we’re not sure what Santa’s going to leave us, but Garcia is hoping for some hot sex in Lars von Trier’s upcoming film Nymphomaniac. Check out the very NSFW trailer here: http://www.cinemablend.com/new/Nymphomaniac-Trailer-Definition-NSFW-40414.html. There’s full frontal female genitalia in the first shot and actual oral sex being performed. Yet somehow this is an “art” movie. Go figure.

We also discussed some of our favorite Holiday commercials including one with Mike Tyson returning Evander Holyfield’s ear and other hilarious happenings. Check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqSnozW9IJM.

Ethnic Holiday traditions are also mentioned, with McGeary showing a keen interest in the Cuban style pig roast. Too bad Garcia is a pussy cat and can’t handle slitting the pig’s throat. As a result he has been banned from this Holiday Tradition by his family. He is crying as you read this.

Finally keep an eye and ear out for our end of the year podcast coming to you next week right before Christmas. We’ll touch upon our favorite happenings of the year.

So even if you’ve been naughty and are expecting some coal from Santa you can turn to 2Guys for a stinkin’ pile of BS. Guaranteed. Best out there*tm. Trust us, it will distract you from the coal/cold.